Saturday, 2 March 2013

first day of summer in arambol

Friday, Narch 1st.

An explosion of sound at dawn.  The birds go mad in a riot of shrieks chirps trills tweets cries caws whistles whoops warbles and hoots that pierce my sleep and wake me laughing out loud. Plus it sounds as if maybe 3 huge birds are dancing a wicked watusi on my tile roof. Tiny gray squirrels scamper up and down the huge banyon tree outside my balcony at the edge of the rice paddies, chattering wildly. Cows low.  Bulls bellow.  Lizards 'hoop hoop hoop.'

It's nature's dawn alarm clock.  

"Wake up sleepyheads!  It's March 1st.  The first day of summer in India.  The meteorologists predict a high of 37 degrees Celcius (99 degrees Fahrenheit). So enjoy the dawn's fresh cool while you can!"

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