Friday, 31 May 2013

It's War Folks

A not so funny thing happened on my way to Gezi Park where an ongoing protest is being held to keep Istanbul's last remaining green space from being turned into Istanbul's 94th shopping mall.  It was 1 in the afternoon.  I hadn't heard or read of what might have happened this morning and wanted to go and sit in for awhile if possible.  I was walking along Istiklal Caddesi, Istanbul's main (mainly pedestrian) shopping street.  I was about 2 blocks away from Taksim Sq.  when i heard all kinds of yelling and screaming.  A group of maybe 30 people were running toward me yelling "Polis! Polis!" Then i heard the BOOMPH! BOOMPH! sound of tear gas guns being fired. Taksim Sq disappeared in a cloud of tear gas.  I turned and started running.  Fortunately the wind was blowing hard.  In the opposite direction.  It's war folks.

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