Saturday, 1 June 2013

and still the people come

The angry people of Istanbul pour into Beyoglu from the side streets. The police fire rubber bullets. And still they come. The police blasts the crowds with water mixed with tear gas. And still they come. The police fire tear gas bomb after tear gas bomb until the city is an angry gray cloud of toxic gas. People bang and clang on pots and pans in neighborhoods throughout the city. Tanks roam the city. Water cannons pummel back the crowds.  The people leave Taksim, walk to the Bosphorus Bride.   People take the Bosphorus Bridge. The police fire plastic bullets, brutally beat non-violent protesters. And still they come. There are now, in the early afternoon over 4000 people in Beyoglu alone,chanting, fists raised in the air in solidarity. It is rumored that 50,000 police from other areas in Turkey have been sent for. But still the people come. 100,000 people are expected to fill the streets and parks and byways and avenues of Istanbul by this evening.

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